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Mobile Apps

iOS and Android Apps for any type of usage

Mobile devices are now more “personal” than Personal Computers. We understand the advantages and shortcomings of each technology stack, and can recommend the architecture that would best fit your specific requirements. We are very familiar with Responsive Design based User Experiences (UX) and have extensive expertise in developing both Native and Hybrid Apps.

Applications running in Internet Browsers.

This architecture, also called “Software as a Service” (SaaS), allows applications to be accessed from any device that supports an Internet Browser. Using technologies based upon industry standards, we have developed such software for a myriad of business market segments. Our localization and internationalization expertise allows us to service clients throughout the world.

Cloud Computing


Education and training in today’s “connected” world

We are very proficient at developing applications that provide students the best experience that virtual learning can deliver. We provide remote learning solutions for the delivery, administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of educational courses and training programs. We specialize in “gamification” of educational content, reporting on participation, and awarding of certificates to facilitate improved student engagement and retention rates.

Connecting disparate systems and devices to maximize information flow within an enterprise

We provide clients with a single mechanism for creating, deploying, and monitoring all forms of data integration. We can integrate both software applications and intelligent devices – anything that has an API (Application Programming Interface). Our solutions perform real-time monitoring of transactions and alert users of system issues.


Data Analytics

Analyzing raw data to uncover useful information

Our software tools perform Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) to build data repositories designed to serve particular communities of knowledge workers. Data are gathered from operational systems and loaded into data marts where users can analyze using the Business Intelligence (BI) program of their choice.

World-class software development

World-class software development We offer a variety of software services that cater to a diverse group of clients including startups, small to mid-size companies, and large established enterprises. We operate as an extension to your teams, and by leveraging leading edge technologies, we provide end-to-end product development lifecycle solutions. Our methodology supports dynamic changes in software specifications, tight delivery schedules, and superior quality at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Software Services

Automation of Quality

Continuous Quality

Most projects measure progress against schedules and costs, but few gauge progress against achievement of quality goals. We provide a full range of quality services to ensure robust and defect-free software. Our quality control professionals put software applications through a battery of automation tests to ensure enhancements do not compromise existing features.